If every character in the world were plucked to star in an animated Disney film, Ryan Cole would already have concept artwork ready for many of them. The artist and animator appears to have a voracious appetite for all things Disney, judging from his deviantART profile, and his expressive, hyper-looking versions of Princess Peach, Batman and Dr. Horrible all seem like they're ready to break out into song and dance.The mouthful of cigarettes Cole lit up in Solid Snake's mouth probably wouldn't make it into anything G-rated, but it fits right in alongside his other work. His spunky depiction of the Chrono Trigger gang, meanwhile, should have had their own cartoon series a long time ago.

Cole's continuing output can be viewed on his Blogspot blog, as well. Whether you're looking for some Harry Potter art or Abraham Lincoln holding a koala, he's covered all of those bases and more.