Claim to the cleanest piece of illustration containing fur, blood, snow and a claw match between Wolverine and Sabretooth may in fact belong to a Toronto-based illustrator who goes by the name of Sanjai Bhana. This guy's got a wide range of styles at his disposal that veer between graphic pieces resembling art from "Team Fortress 2" and the work of Scott Morse and some scratchier, more caricatured portraits.
Drop by Bhana's deviantART account, though, and you'll see that he can do The Punisher, Johnny Cash or Megatron in a numbers of ways, and he's tried more than one or two approaches on for size with The Joker.

Batman makes a few appearances in his portfolio as well, and he's in good company with Galactus and Judge Dredd. Each of those fellows can be found among our favorite Bhana creations, which have been assembled below.

[Via Geek-Art]