Felt I was reliving -- or channelling -- my D.C. buddy Greg McElhatton's post of more than a week ago in this space about collectable shoes from Viz during last Wednesday's visit at Austin Books and Comics, the coolest comic book store in the Lone Star State by far, when my buddy and manager Brandon Zuern happened to mention the pair of Doom Patrol shoes he was buying very soon from Reebok.

Not being one to shy away from blowing a few bucks here and there on the completely useless "thing of the day" (don't ask about the "special" Transformers DVD case from Target that morphs into Optimus Prime), I had to learn how my friend could buy something I knew didn't exist.

Or did it?

Seems Brandon designed his own Silver Age pair of Doom Patrol "supershoes" -- a purple pair Larry Trainor (Negative Man) might've worn back in the very early days of My Greatest Adventure had he not been covered from head to toe with lead-based bandages to "protect" his teammates from being microwaved to death by his Negative Man alter ego (remember the DP was conceived in the early 60s) -- with the help of RBKcustom.com, and for under $100 too.

All the better to defeat the Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man, improve your bowling game, max out your credit cards and save those you love from certain and sudden death. At the very least, however, you'll look and feel good doing it...