Sometimes it's easy to lose something in the artwork when an animated series gets its own comic book spinoff, but artists such as Scott Cohn really excel at hitting the sweet spot in between toons and sequential storytelling. You may have caught Cohn's name on books that include "Justice League Unlimited" and Krypto the Superdog: Dog of Steel. He's got an edgier side as well, having contributed to Dynamite's Army of Darkness comics.If you flip through a few of the recent convention sketches that Cohn has shared on his blog at, you'll see these talents on display. He draws the straw stuffing out of Scarecrow, Wolverine and Deadpool, and it's always refreshing to see someone from Artists Alley who knows how to use a whole page with his or her commission.

Have a glance at a few prime examples down below. Even his Bazooka Joe looks amazing.