Before Michael Bay's "Transformers" films made chill'n in vehicles that were really friendly robots who fought evil robots seem disastrous, children everywhere envied Spike and Daniel's (of TF G1) life of luxury. Still, with a few exceptions, the Transformers themselves have historically had surprisingly few options for cruising around in their robotic brethren. It looks like smaller-scale bots have a chance to kick back in a honkin' hoover craft, however, according to a new shot of Sea Spray over at Siebertron.

As Lil' Formers points out, this upcoming Voyager Class Sea Spray marks the first time the aquatic themed character has had the ability to transport scout-sized toys. It's too soon to say how the feature will manifest as this early photo shows the toy confined to its packaging, but I imagine it'll be a welcome sight for smaller Autobots. Why walk when you can take the bus, you know?

There's no official release date available yet, but I'd suspect it won't be too long before fans can nab this larger Sea Spray in stores.