Looks like Sideshow Collectibles has finally seen the green light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps the sculptors were just green with envy that so many other DC heroes had their chance to shine already, and it was time to give the brightest star in the Justice League his chance to shine. There will be no more dark days in the future for this character now that Sideshow's finally going to give the emerald in DCU's crown the attention he deserves. It wasn't easy being green, but now that there's a premium format figure for the galaxy's greatest space cop on the way, the hard times are coming to an end.

Is that enough cheeseball Green Lantern preamble for you? Good. Now we can just get to the part where I talk about how great it is that there's a sweet new Green Lantern statue on the way from Sideshow, while also bemoaning the fact that it's yet again another Hal Jordan collectible.

Green Lantern is great. He's probably the best character concept in the DC Universe. The Lantern legacy is filled with all kinds of interesting characters from across the universe, though a majority of the attention has always been paid to those from Sector 2814 including John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and yes, even lame duck Hal Jordan. These aren't opinions, they are facts. You can tell because these words are written in permanent electronic ink on the internet where everything is true.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate Hal Jordan. He's done a lot for the legacy. It's just that he's not the best Green Lantern, by like a hojillion spots, despite DC's attempts to make sure you know Hal Jordan is Green Lantern A#1 Forever Always Times Infinity. I say this while also admitting there have been Hal Jordan stories I've enjoyed, but that doesn't mean his story is any better, bigger or more important than the likes of John or Kyle... and I guess Guy, too.

Now, for all my bellyaching, Sideshow's doing some great work here on this particular piece. I love this interpretation of the classic Green Lantern uniform, particularly the mock neck and seams included to provide style to an otherwise basic design. The skintight look also gives the sculpting team ample room to show off their talents in musculature, and while I'm not 100% certain it's scientifically accurate, the it doesn't have to be either. The glittery/diamond-y paint app used on the green really pops, too, which makes the figure feel full of energy without going too far with the light construct idea.

That said, I'm not super-wild about the base. The green used there is a little too ectoplasm for my taste, and kind of throws the piece off a little. Perhaps if the green elements were clear it wouldn't be so bad, but as a thick, mucous solid, it just doesn't appeal to my eyes.

Pre-orders will open on Nov. 5 at Sideshow Collectibles. The Green Lantern Premium Format Figure will run you $449.99, and there will be a Sideshow-exclusive version that comes with an alternate left hand holding the power battery to swap in and out. No firm release date is known yet, but it will be out sometime in 2016.