Those of us who grew up in a certain era will always have some kind of connection to Lobo, whether it's the absolute, unquestioning love that comes from being 13 and seeing a super-badass dolphin-loving space-biker throw out fake dirty words while decapitating Santa Claus (spoiler), or the absolute eye-rolling revulsion at the same. But if you fall on the side of adoring Keith Giffen and Roger Silfer's last Czarnian, whose healing factor is so strong that he can regrow from a single drop of blood, who's so rotten that he was kicked out of Hell, then we have some good news.

Next year, Sideshow Collectibles will be releasing a Premium Format version of Lobo, complete with interchangeable heads -- the classic Simon Bisley version and the more contemporary dreadlocks version --  and accessories, including Lobo's infamous hound and a flaming skull. Because really, why would it not be a flaming skull?








The Lobo Premium Format figure can be ordered from Sideshow right now for $579.99, and while I have no place to advise anyone on how to spend their money, I do think that's just a little pricey. I mean, if you're going to spend six hundo on Lobo, then you want something that's a little more accurate to the comics, right? I mean, we all know Lobo really looks like this:






About Lobo Co-Creator Roger Slifer

Comic book legend Roger Slifer was the victim of a felony hit-and-run on Saturday June 23, 2012 around 1AM at the corner of 5th St and Colorado Ave in Santa Monica, CA. He was left in critical condition with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. Two years later, the Santa Monica Police Department is still in search of the driver. There have been no arrests.

Slifer requires daily rehabilitative nursing care. If you enjoy Lobo, please consider making a donation to the writer's recovery fund at the Hero Initiative, the comic book industry's non-profit group dedicated to helping creators in need. Updates on Slifer's condition can be followed via Facebook.