As a character who has had more than his fair share of costumes over the years, trying to nail down a definitive look for Wolverine might seem impossible. While the blue and gold tiger stripe motif might have been more frequently used throughout the years, fans have always held his brown uniform in high regard.

Debuting in the '80s, the brown costume gained significance not just from the comics, but from its prominence in animated and video game X-Men adventures. Though Wolverine hasn't broken out the classic duds himself for some time (his son Daken did for a hot minute), Sideshow Collectibles is taking a dip into the nostalgia pool for its next premium format figure.

The new Wolverine work was announced as part of Sideshow's Comic-Con Online initiative, where the company is planning a host of similar announcements, contests and previews of upcoming goods for those who can't make it to the crowded confines of SDCC. In addition to Wolverine's full reveal, Sideshow teased a classic version of Logan's number one nemesis, Sabretooth, as well, but didn't detail much about that piece beyond its existence. Anyway, back to Wolverine.

The premium format figure (which is more of a statue than figure) comes in at a beefy 20" tall, and goes 11" around. The Sideshow exclusive version will include a second right hand clutching a Muramasa blade to swap out with the standard hand, which will feature claws popped. Both the standard and exclusive variations will also include a second, unmasked head sculpt to use at your discretion. With the cowl down, the portrait looks good, but for my money, the huge fins on the side of the mask really make the piece. It's rare to see his mask with such massive ears any more, and I like a Wolverine mask that looks like the tail end of a '57 Chevy.

The sculpt looks nice, which is a good thing for a statue. It's not a pose we're unaccustomed to seeing Wolverine strike, and it's got to be a challenge to find new ways to show the character off while staying true to the personality. The inclusion of the Japanese footbridge really sells this moment in time though, and the small flourishes like the arrows sticking out of the smashed wood bring back fond memories of Chris Claremont's and Frank Miller's 1982 mini-series.

The Wolverine - Brown Costume premium format figure is available for pre-order now at Sideshow Collectibles for $479.99, and is expected to arrive next summer.

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