As a core component of Sony's DC Universe Online experience, we've had plenty of nice things to say about the MMORPG's character creation interface. It's intuitive and packed with enough options that players can create pretty much whatever kind of hero or villain they want, even characters they may have mastered in another universe. Sneaky new DCUO screenshots reveal the character creation component is legit enough to whip up some awesome looking fantasy characters who bear a striking resemblance to Skeletor and He-Man's furry friend Battle Cat (Cringer if you're in a cuddly mood).

Spotting MOTU character approximations in DCUO has us wondering if we've been missing custom creations reflecting other franchises all along. Sony's been super active in promoting the game, with regular teasers and images rolling out often enough that even our discerning eyes may have missed a wonderful nod or two to characters from far away realms.

Considering Mattel's current standing as DC's mainstream toymaker, plus past DC/MOTU crossovers, these images are nothing short of blissful fan service. Of course, now that I've seen them, it's hard not to want to recreate them when the game drops in Q1 of 2011.

Check out the new DCUO screens below, and share any "cameos" you may have caught in previous screenshot batches in the comments.