Around here, New York Comic-Con marks the end of convention season, capping off a long summer of announcements, reveals, and other assorted fun. As such, it's also one of the last big places for fans to get amazing sketches and commission pieces from artists, who tend to cap off the season with some truly amazing art.

Case in point: Kris Anka. You may know him as the artist of Marvel's All New X-Factor or Uncanny X-Force, but this weekend, he busted out the pencils to create some fantastic pieces of art, taking on characters like Star-Lord, Kitty Pryde, and even everyone's favorite irredeemable scumbag, Gambit. Check out a few of our favorite picks from his NYCC commissions below!












Pretty sure I have a good idea of who that last one might be for.

For more, head over to Anka's tumblr, but be advised that a few of these sketches are not safe for work, unless your work is cool with you seeing what Catman's ding-dang looks like, in which case you probably work for ComicsAlliance and are probably over deadline.