Comic books, video games, action figures and other assorted geekery are all well and good, but when a tragedy as big as the earthquake in Haiti strikes, it's hard to focus too much on pop culture without feeling a bit shallow, even if it is our passion and an every day of our lives.

SOTA Toys is doing their best to reconcile this culture with the need to help out by auctioning off a unique Lightning Blanka resin statue variant. The statue was apparently crafted while SOTA was working on the basic green-skinned Blanka bust, so this is truly a one-of-a-kind product. Better still, all proceeds from the auction are going to relief efforts in Haiti. It's a win-win situation for interested parties. On the one hand, the winner gets to do his or her part in helping a country in need. On the other hand, the same winner receives the one and only Lightning Blanka statue in existence, and it is a thoroughly awesome piece of pop culture sculpture.

For more details on the auction, which begins on February 1st, head to SOTA Toys' official website.

[Link via Kotaku]