It's already that case that that we admirers of graphics, design and illustration must acknowledge the totalitarian regimes of 20th century Europe as masters of the forms, which we do with decidedly mixed emotions. So believe us when we say it's with no small amount of guilt that we behold in awe these brilliant Soviet-era posters, created, presumably, to warn the nation's oppressed proletariat of the many hazards associated with their impoverished class. Seriously, man, this stuff is grim, but I defy you not to feel moved by these amazingly skilled depictions of people falling under the weight of a collapsing brick wall; crying out in pain as their hair gets caught in the machines of tyranny; suffering the pratfalls of unsafe industry; and getting dismembered in the gears of communism.

What's more, many of them propose a number of scenarios that with just a little imagination could serve as classic superhero origins or cover artwork.

[Via English Russia]