Okay, Spider-Man and Deadpool probably don't kick-it so much as kick each other, but the two will appear together in November's "Amazing Spider-Man" #611 courtesy of acclaimed Deadpool alum, Joe Kelly along with interior artist Eric Canete and cover artist Scottie Young.

Of course, astute Deadpool fans know this isn't the first time Kelly has dropped the merc with a mouth in Spidey's corner of the Marvel U. Thanks to a time travel mishap with the Great Lakes Avengers (then known as The Lightning Rods), Deadpool inadvertently stood in for Peter Parker in "Deadpool" #11. Though 'Pool did his best to maintain the time stream, he couldn't help but muck with the events of "Amazing Spider-Man" #47 - going so far as to defeat Kraven the Hunter.

Still, this issue will pretty much mark the first time the men in matching outfits get much time to actually match wits.

Kelly breaks it down over at MTV Splash Page, "Their jokes styles are so different, Deadpool is so absurd and mean at the drop of a hat, but Spidey is so light. ... [Spider-Man] tries to take the high road, but when you spend enough time around Deadpool, you can't help coming down to his level."

If that's true,Spidey could be saying some extremely colorful things. Good thing the Comics Code is dead.