Everybody knows Marvel's "Amazing Spider-Man" team digs on some Cutting Crew. How else can you explain the Premiere Hardcover coming out this week titled "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight"?

Sure, in the context of the issues the trade contains (including ASM #600 and ASM Annual #36), it's easy to narrow it down thematically, but as the story highlights also include Aunt May's wedding and a battle with a dying Doctor Octopus, it could just as easily been called "One Wedding And A Non-Funeral."

Instead, Marvel did the right thing. And by "right thing," I mean "the thing I would have done to be obnoxious."

So, to celebrate the Spidey team's awesomeness, I give you our poorly Photoshopped celebration of this Spidey/Cutting Crew (or as I call them "The Crew") mashup!

Cutting Crew:

Parker Crew:

Lovelorn Lady Whose Arms Dudes Die In: