Everyone knows that Spider-Man got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe he wasn't also bitten by a radioactive clotheshorse, given the frequency of his costume changes. From the look of the teasers released by Marvel Comics, the latest Spider-Man costume will debut this spring in the Amazing Spider-Man story arc "Ends of The Earth."Marvel released teaser images for the story arc throughout last week, including one for March's Amazing Spider-Man #682 showing Peter Parker donning new gear...

...and another seemingly revealing it from the waist up...

Fans may note some similarity to the latest Venom design, albeit with a friendlier neighborhoodlier color scheme based around red rather than black.

Spidey's most famous costume change came, of course, during 1984's Secret Wars crossover series, in which he donned a black and white costume that set off a firestorm of excitement and controversy among fans at the time, and which ultimately proved so popular that when Spidey changed back into his original togs, the costume went on to become a popular villain.

During the 90s, there were a couple of other Spider-Man costumes, but there are clones involved, and we should probably just never speak of this period of Spider-Man comics.

In the ramp up to 2006's Civil War event series, Spidey got another brand-new costume, debuting a red-and-gold "Iron Spider" costume designed by his then-boss and patron Iron Man. That one featured three retractable mechanical limbs, which gave him a grand total of, um, seven limbs. Which was close enough, I guess.

That one was a little less popular, owing perhaps to the fact that it was usually colored gold and maroon and included a pair of spats, and ultimately only lasted until about halfway through Civil War, when Spider-Man rebelled against Iron Man and changed clothes to prove it.

Just last year, Spidey donned a new black suit, this one featuring neon highlights rather than white ones. This stealth suit was created specifically to battle the new Hobgoblin, and as such was one of Spidey's more functional costumes, to be used as needed (Like his original Spider-Armor).

And speaking of armor, he got a new suit of that last year, too.

Last year also saw Spidey joining Fantastic Four spin-off group The Future Foundation at the request of his temporarily dead friend The Human Torch, and he was given a white, FF-branded version of his costume to match the rest of the team.

Not unlike the multi-costumed Wolverine, Spidey would then have to wear a particular costume on a particular day, depending on which of his several super-teams he was working with.

And, finally, 2011's big event series Fear Itself included points where various characters were upgraded with new powers and designs, including "The Worthy" (the bad guys) and "The Mighty." Spider-Man was one of the latter, and therefore got another new costume.

At this rate, the "Ends of the Earth" costume probably won't be the end of the new outfits Spider-Man tries out this year. Perhaps he'll even get a formal outfit in time to walk the red carpet at the opening of the Amazing Spider-Man film. Oh wait, I think he may already have a Spider-Tux...

What do you think of Spider-Man's newest new costume? Let us know if the comments.

[Via Comic Book Resources/Marvel]