Like most fans of video games and comic books, I was pretty impressed by the recently revealed footage from "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," the upcoming game from Activision. In "Shattered Dimensions," gamers assume the identity of Spider-Man over the course of four different universes - Amazing, Noir and two still unannounced - with each world having its own unique core gameplay mechanic.

Some are speculating that the two remaining universes and their core gameplay mechanics could be revealed at this weekend's WonderCon. If that's the case, there's no time like the present to guess the identity of the final two universes featured in "Shattered Dimension." So what are you waiting for? Click past the jump and let's play the guessing game!


Scientist Miguel O'Hara is the Spider-Man of the future after gaining powers from an experiment conducted in order to purge a drug called Rapture from his system. Under the cover of a costume acquired at a Day of the Dead festival and with the aid of his holographic assistant Lyla, Miguel stalks the futuristic criminal underworld with a vengeance.

Miguel shares most of Peter Parker's powers - including speed, agility and strength - but he has a few extra tricks up his sleeve, like a poisonous bite. In the game, Miguel would wander the streets in a much more ferocious manner than Peter is used to, using his venomous teeth and talons to savagely disengage his enemies.


Peter Parquagh is the initially powerless assistant to Sir Nicholas Fury, Queen Elizabeth's head of security. After succumbing to an unusual spider's bite, Parquagh is bestowed with special abilities and eventually assumes the identity of The Spider, a masked vigilante with a score to settle against Norman Osborne.

Although Parquagh ultimately gains superpowers, I would hope that the Spider-Man of the 1602 Universe would rely more heavily on swordsmanship, muskets and other Old World weaponry. Maybe swords, muskets and Old World weaponry created out of webbing. Or, perhaps, he'll just use the power of the printing press. That could be fun and educational!


In the House of M Universe, Peter Parker's story is much the same as it is in proper continuity, with a few key differences - namely, people know that Peter is Spider-Man, and they love him for it. Parker has made a name and fortune for himself thanks not only to his superhero exploits, but also his career as an actor, wrestler and businessman.

Parker's enormous wealth would inspire a core gameplay mechanic based on expensive web-based gadgetry. Maybe Peter would have a wide variety of sophisticated suits, as well - swiftly alternating between his House of M attire and the Iron Spider suit, among other costumes, would be par for the course.


The only thing that Zombie Spider-Man enjoys more than saving the day is enjoying a delectable meal of Mary Jane brains with Aunt May marmalade. The Spider-Man of the Marvel Zombies Universe is wracked with guilt over his flesh-eating habit, but hey - when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

A "Shattered Universes" version of Zombie Spider-Man would likely center on a decomposed Parker's endless need to feast on the bad guys, but I would much rather play as a cosmic-infused Zombie Spider-Man having freshly chewed on Galactus' blue-and-purple parts. Playing as a zombie is cool enough, but playing as a planet-eating zombie? It doesn't get any tastier than that!


An elderly Peter Parker has given up crime-fighting after Mary Jane Watson died from cancer acquired by overexposure to Peter's radioactive, uh, webbing. Now an old man, Parker is forced back into the superhero game when several key villains resurface and cause all sorts of chaos around a dystopian New York City.

You might think that the Reign Universe would be unique from the other universes due to Spider-Man's senior citizen status, but Old Man Parker is actually quite spry when it comes to busting the bad guys. So how could Activision make the Reign Universe stand apart from the other dimensions? Well, ah, there is always that irradiated, err... okay, you get the picture.

Tell us which universes you'd like to see in the comments section!