It's not quite an indication of the final parallel worlds of gameplay to be featured in Activision's "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," but according to game writer Dan Slott, the Webslinger's Iron Spider armor will serve as a skin for the character's 2099 adventures when the game debuts in September. The new outfit joins Captain Universe's costume, which seems to span all four realities.

The code to activate the Iron Spidey skin (as part of an exclusive concept art book) is currently available to those who pre-order the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii ports of "Shattered Dimensions" through Amazon, Those wanting to play in Captain Universe's costume will have to pre-order those ports through GameStop. No word on Nintendo DS costumes.

The skins continue Activision's tradition of offering multiple suits in its Spider-Man games, although particular looks can only be accessed during certain levels. This factor implies that certain suits' gameplay may not differ much from that of their base duds - especially given that some mods differ from their comic book source material (Iron Spider is missing some arms). Regardless, it's a nice touch that might mean additional Spider looks could find their way into the game even if the worlds they're rooted in aren't full-fledged "dimensions."

See more suit shots after the jump.

[Via Twitter @DanSlott]