As Marvel continues to tease that "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010," we've assembled the third chunk of pieces from the publisher's latest hint at the decade to come.

Here's The piece by itself:

And a full assembly thus far:

Fans now have a clear shot of Kraven's 13-year-old daughter Ana Tatiana Kravinoff along with The Lizard. Ana's been busy ruining Spidey's life from behind the scenes post "Brand New Day" and with the events of "The Gauntlet" driving Peter Parker's current fate, this impending scenario of potential pain, romance and family time seems right up the Webslinger's hard luck alley.

With just two days left in the week, the puzzle should be complete by the time 2010 truly rolls around - what do you think tomorrow will bring? I'm hoping for a giant stack of pizzas, even though Spidey is clearly reaching for a female hand. Maybe it's Pizza-Woman?