Spider-Man is in trouble -- both the character and particularly the franchise. Leading man Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi are out, leaving "(500) Days of Summer" filmmaker Marc Webb to fill the void with a new Peter Parker yet to be announced. But what else is going on behind the scenes at Sony Pictures as the studio struggles to reinvent its popular comic book property?

As it turns out, Sony does have a plan of action in a new video from College Humor. They're sending "Spider-Man" to a surgical team that specializes in one particularly inventive procedure: the gritty superhero reboot. Sure, there are plenty of risks involved, but the gritty reboot has worked on several other franchises in the past, including "Batman Begins" and the James Bond flicks. Besides, if action isn't taken soon -- as in five minutes soon -- this suit is going to start sprouting nipples. Nobody wants that!

Click past the jump to see how the gritty reboot procedure works out for Spidey and his pals!