Comics legend Stan Lee talked to ComicsAlliance about his upcoming digital motion comic, "Time Jumper," about a college student who inherits a time traveling device and becomes a reluctant hero. Produced through a Stan Lee/Disney team-up, "Time Jumper" is slated for ten 5-minute episodes that can be downloaded onto smartphones and computers. The first episode, set during the French Revolution is available now on iTunes (for free!).

The hybrid format uses a combination of traditional comic book layouts, animated sequences, and voiceovers. "It's really a link between comic book or comic strip illustration and storytelling, and animation," said Lee. "It's the missing link between the two of them.

And if there's any question about whether Stan is still The Man, just watch him work his trademark pitch magic in the clip. "If our hero is defeated by the villainess, this could change history as we know it," Lee enthused. "So we'd better hope that our hero wins out, let me tell you!"