There are about a kajillion ways to watch an enjoy Star Wars. You've got the original movies, the original movie special editions, the prequels, the new sequel, the books, the comics, the animated series, board games, and of course, video games. Then there's the litany of fan-made homages to the seminal series, including those that take a little from column A and a little from column B. Case in point, the latest 8-Bit Cinema video from Cinefix.

For years now, Cinefix has been mashing up movies with retro-inspired game graphics and chiptune scores to put a unique spin on your favorite moments in cinematic history. There are a lot of those moments in the original Star Wars trilogy, so whittling it down to a five-minute video was undoubtedly a challenge. Still, even though every single big sequence isn't accounted for, the remixed films have just enough of that space magic to make it work.

The top-down view and style of The Legend of Zelda works well with the first Star Wars, as the deserts of Tatooine mirror the repetitive maps of that game. Making Obi-Wan the old man in the cave suits the game, too, and gives the familiar "It's dangerous to go alone, take this," line a bit more weight. We might not get a Death Star trench run, but we do at least get a glimpse at Obi-Wan versus Darth Vader. I do take some umbrage with "Imperial March" being used as music in the first game since it didn't actually appear until Empire Strikes Back, but you've got to use the most memorable songs in a short video.

Switching gears to the side-scrolling platform action of Mega Man for Empire Strikes Back is another inspired choice, as the film's diverse landscapes make for good translations to the action stylings of the Capcom title. Seeing Luke train on Dagobah or slide around during his battle with Vader is a treat, though it would have been cool to see the traditional Mega Man explosion somewhere in there.

Closing things out is the Golden Axe-inspired Return of the Jedi, which finally lets Han get in on the action on Endor. If you've played virtually any arcade beat 'em up, the Ewok Special should be immediately familiar. This actually makes me wish we got a version of Return of the Jedi, or any Star Wars for that matter, that played like Konami's X-Men. I can already see the Emperor saying, "Welcome to die." It'll never happen, but it would have been the perfect game to play in the lobby while waiting for the next screening of The Force Awakens.


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