When it comes to tracking continuity, the Star Wars expanded universe can sometimes require some commitment. Fortunately two of the franchise's most prominent publishers have banded together for a new story by a series regular. Starting this fall, author John Jackson Miller will kick off "Star Wars: Knight Errant" via Dark Horse Comics and Del Rey Books.

The new series will debut as an ongoing comic at Dark Horse this fall before Del Rey publishes a standalone novel rooted in the medium's shared continuity. Miller is the mastermind behind the whole shebang, filling fans in on just what shook down during the Dark Age, a time period after "Knights of the Old Republic" and more than 1,000 years before "A New Hope."

Readers will see a lot of Sith action, with the darker faction of The Force users dominating the galaxy and even fighting amongst themselves. It'll be up to newcomer Jedi Kerra Holt and company to make sense of the chaos and step up to the plate during this largely unexplored time period.

While no official preview images are available, I've modded a "Knights of the Old Republic" image to help folks imagine a Jedi getting roughed up in the bad old days (and Boba Fett's ancestors look rad). Given the new series' timeperiod, I suspect fans could see more of this sort of thing during "Knight Errant."