Not a trick of the eye, not an illusion: the worlds of "Star Wars," shoes and action figure packaging have officially merged.

I'm an ignorant American that don't read Spanish so good, but I'm pretty sure that this listing at Super*Fly Deluxe for Darth Vader foot gear doesn't require any translation to tell me how awesome it is. As if wielding the force on your feet wasn't cool enough, these "Star Wars" shoes come delivered in action figure packaging.

That's right, guys. You have to forcibly (ha) remove these sneakers from their plastic-on-cardboard encasing in order to slip them on your feet.

Seriously, who is the ad wizard that came up with this one? I'd like to meet him and have him personally tailor some "Lost" shoes for my feet. Can you imagine owning a pair of bald John Locke boots? I don't know if I'd keep them in their original packaging or wear them all around town. Maybe I'd get two sets and do both. For now, I'd happily settle on these hilariously packaged "Star Wars" Adidas shoes. We should all be so lucky as to own a pair.

[Link via Kevin Church]