Anyone who grew up with the Kenner Star Wars toys knows that their shapes and faces could be a step or two removed from their flesh-and-blood counterparts. A few of those idiosyncrasies in their puffy cloth costumes and facial expressions were humorous, but they were also endearing if you were a collector. Artist Bwana Spoons focused on many such traits in his series of colorful tribute portraits to these toys, and you may want to check them out in person at an art show on November 20 if you happen to be near the Pasadena Convention Center.If you're not in Pasadena, you can still see Spoons' Princess Leia Organa upskirt, rubber band toting droid and aroused-looking Admiral Ackbar on his page at Whether you played with these figures or not as a kid, the paintings provide a visual history lesson about how George Lucas' characters were being represented.

You'll find our favorite highlights below.

[Via io9 via Spoonful of Star Wars]