Steffi Schütze specializes in "Man Men"-ish art pinups based on high-end fashion collections from names like Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander McQueen, but the fact that she uses a Lara Croft cosplay pic for her deviantART account's ID shot speaks volume for the breadth of her interests. In fact, her portfolio, blog and website and laden with studies on spandex and witch styles.
Her adventures in adventures clothing choices includes Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as the Harry Potter crew, Buffy and company and a Hulked out Mike Patton of Faith No More fame.

The vector artwork she's made is spectacular, especially when she's using it to depict zombie decapitations. Of course, no one beats Batman, whether he's dressed for the apocalypse or a routine night on the town as he is in her DC triumverate piece. Our favorite outfits from her various series can be seen below.