As if the superlative of superlative comic book artist's existing commission rates weren't insanely inexpensive to begin with, Steve Rude is giving comics illustration aficionados yet another way to get ahold of some gorgeous original artwork -- this time, for just $5.00. For just that paltry sum, the co-creator of Nexus and the illustrator of Superman/Batman: World's Finest will raffle off free artwork, drawn-to-order, for the buy-in price of just five bucks.A clever way to raise money for art supplies, this is actually Steve Rude's second attempt at a raffle of this type. Unbelievably, the first campaign yielded only eight entries, and the person who won bought four tickets! As a comic book fan and as a human, that should make you swell with rage and disbelief.

The prize artwork will take the form of an 11"x14" marker sketch featuring the character of the winner's choice (subject to Rude's approval, as there are obviously some things the Dude may not wish to draw -- you know who you are, Tarot fans). Now, if you think "marker sketch" doesn't sound all that exciting, familiarize yourself immediately with how ridiculous a description that is for what Rude actually produces in this massive gallery right here on ComicsAlliance.

Example of a Steve Rude "marker sketch"

You can buy your $5.00 raffle ticket at Steve Rude's official website. The winner will be drawn on April 1, 2011 (and no, this is not an April Fools joke!). For more updates and amazing offers from the Dude, make sure to become a fan of his Facebook page, where Steve and his wife Jaynelle are very active and happy to answer all your questions for this fiercely talented artist.