Looking at Steve Stamatiadis' artwork, you get the feeling that if DC Comics ever wanted to make a 2-D MMO game, he's be a great source to tap for some character designs. He draws with sensibilities that fall somewhere between an Antarctic Press book and Capcom's Viewtiful Joe, though he branches off into larger, full-on manga figures on occasion as well.The Australian co-founder of Krome Studios has a few massive assortments of DC heroines and Star Wars characters in his portfolio on deviantART, where he's known by his handle "Falterdan." He's tried his hand at multiple Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Catwoman variations. And just like any good DC artist-fan he's given the Kate Spencer incarnation of Manhunter some proper respect.

All of those ladies and a sweet set of "Battle of the Planets" cast members can be seen after the jump. Keep an eye out for some droids and Admiral Ackbar action in there too.