If you ever find yourself facing down the business end of one of Leonardo's samurai swords, you better hope to heck that you've got a weapon of your own. Luckily, 80s Tees is doing their very best to help out on the Ninja Turtles defense front by offering Shredder's spike-infused armor for the relatively low cost of $60 (plus tax and shipping, of course).

Astonished by the Shredder suit's affordability, I decided to give the offer a second glance. Much to my disappointment, it turns out that this is Shredder's sweatshirt, not Shredder's authentic body armor. My mistake, everyone.

Still, you've got to admit, this is pretty sweet. Can you imagine running down the street making kung fu gestures and ungodly sounds while this sucker clings to your torso and face? Sure, you'd probably get your butt handed to you, but that's beside the point.

The point is that it's winter time, which means warm clothing time, which means hilarious sweatshirt time, which means mother-loving Turtle time.

[Link via Topless Robot]