The Marvel Universe is about to get incredible, fantastic, amazing and uncanny with the upcoming "Super Hero Squad Online" video game from Marvel and Gazillion. The game, designed as an MMORPG with an eye towards a younger fan base, hits stores in 2011, and while prospective players have already seen plenty of footage, a new trailer sheds light on all sorts of previously unseen gameplay aspects.

Take War Machine, for instance, who can apparently use satellite technology to bring the pain down upon his enemies. Or Storm, who uses her signature weather manipulation powers to take out the bad guys. Not to mention the fact that players can customize their own squad with various character additions and customization over their Super Hero City headquarters.

Clearly, "Super Hero Squad Online" isn't geared towards everyone's tastes. It's very kiddy and not conducive to someone looking for an experience along the lines of "Arkham Asylum" or even the upcoming "DC Universe Online" MMORPG. But if the "Super Hero Squad Show" is up your alley, it looks very likely that the video game counterpart is going to be equally fun for fans.

Check out the full trailer after the jump!

[Via Comic Vine]