Casey Lau and Jeff Kwan's Super Kaiju Hero Force is coming to paper... but not in the way you might think. Rather than simply print a collection of the series more than 200 pages starring three otaku fanboys-turned-mega monsters, Crispy Comics is leaving the series' five installments as free downloads on the iPhone and gifting fans of the series with foldable paper toys featuring the title's kaiju heroes. After the jump, download your own printable Democules and read how you can win a free signed poster and iPhone/iPod Touch microfiber case just by taking a photo of your completed paper kaiju.

Click image to enlarge and save at full size for printing/paper-folding aplenty.

Crispy's Contest:
Crispy Comics invites fans to build the paper toy and email the image of their completed kaiju to

According to Cripsy, the first 10 completed entries will be mailed a signed Super Kaiju Hero Force poster along with a special SKHF iPod Touch/iPhone microfiber case for free.

Happy folding!