We've always thought the default image for new female Facebook profiles looked a lot like Darth Vader, so we wonder if that's what artist and designer Ashley Hay had in mind when she created a series of profile pics based on recognizable icons from nerd culture. Represented in her work are such characters as Harley Quinn, the Punisher, Tinker Bell, Tom Servo and many more you can see below.

Produced with the same style and color palette as that used by Facebook, Hay remixes the social network's ugly aesthetic into something a lot more fun. As Jill Pantozzi points out at Newsarama, Hay's graphics can be used in place of a real Facebook or Twitter photo for those frightened of losing their Internet anonymity. Alternatively, you could just blow up the photo, port it to a transparent photocopy and have it tattooed right on your face.

Ashley Hay has produced a lot of cute, nerd-friendly work including prints and cosplays like those seen below. Make sure to check it out at her portfolio website.