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ComicsAlliance Reviews Every Comic in DC’s ‘New 52′: Week 1
The first major wave of new #1 DC Comics finally hit stores this week, following last week's solo debut of Justice League. The biggest question for most fans facing racks and racks of new books is simple: Which ones should I try? The ComicsAlliance staff has gathered together to help answer that wit…
Superman Versus the Police in the ‘Action Comics’ #1 Preview
DC Comics released this week via Yahoo a six-page preview of Action Comics #1, which relaunches the venerable superhero title whose original first issue in 1938 introduced the world to Superman. In the new version by writer Grant Morrison and artists Rags Morales & Rick Bryant, the Man of Steel,…
Don’t Ask! Just Buy It! – August 24, 2011: A Final Action
Reading Comics author Douglas Wolk runs down the hottest comics and graphic novels coming out this week.
* "Okay, when's Doomsday? Later? Some other time? Tomorrow?"
^ There's always a war on somewhere
% Super Soldier alumni
Good night to the rock &a…
Superman Laces Up in DC Comics’ October Solicitations
Following those for Batman, Green Lantern, Justice League and Edge & Dark, solicitations have finally been released for Superman comics shipping in October as part of DC's line-wide superhero reboot. As we reported earlier this week, the "New 52" status-quo for Superman finds the Man o…
Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship in ‘Action Comics’ #900
After recently undertaking a journey to walk -- not fly -- across the United States in the "Grounded" storyline and reconnect with the country and everyday Americans, Superman appears to be taking another step that could have major implications for his national identity: in Action …

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