Blackest Night

DC’s ‘Brightest Day’ Is On The Horizon
The darkness cast by Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night" event may still have a few good months left in it before reaching its conclusion, but DC's confident enough in its heroes to announce a much lighter tomorrow already.
"Brightest Day" is set to launch in April as a biweekly, 26-iss…
‘Green Lantern’ #50 Continues The Blackest Night Barrage
To put it lightly, the colors of the cosmos have been out of balance of late, but this month's "Green Lantern" #50 shows signs that even the fringes of the emotional spectrum can unite when the stakes of life and death are high enough.
DC's The Source has two pages from the upcoming issue (…
Blackest Night: A Holiday Carol
We've got a special holiday treat for you today on ComicsAlliance: A "Blackest Night" Christmas carol parody to the tune of "Silent Night," written and performed by myself and the Eisner Award-winning Douglas Wolk in two-part harmony with ukulele backup, all …

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