Blackest Night

Don’t Be That Guy: Blackest Night Edition
I complained, recently, about people not being honest about cheesecake, and how people should just own up to using boobs for the sake of boobs. Well, my wish is apparently the internet's command.
The latest internet controversy stars some familiar faces for those of you who like to stand ringside at …
Blackest Friday
Aw yeah, it's the day after Thanksgiving (in America) and things are getting real in the big box stores, malls, mom-and-pop shops and E-tailers across the cosmos.
We at ComicsAlliance are still recovering from our awesome more-or-less day off yesterday, which means we'll have an abbreviated posting s…
The Blackest Night Blue Beetle You (Probably) Won’t Ever See
Most every contemporary DC Comics reader is familiar with the Blue Beetle legacy. There's a mystical (alien) scarab passed from Dan Garret to Ted Kord (who it did nothing for) to finally Jamie Reyes who kicks it armor style.
Of course, there's one Blue Beetle you may not have known about unless you w…

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