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Don’t Ask! Just Buy It! – August 24, 2011: A Final Action
Reading Comics author Douglas Wolk runs down the hottest comics and graphic novels coming out this week.
* "Okay, when's Doomsday? Later? Some other time? Tomorrow?"
^ There's always a war on somewhere
% Super Soldier alumni
Good night to the rock &a…
Gilbert Hernandez’s Super-Voluptuous ‘Dreamstar’
Comics legend Gilbert Hernandez is best known for his work on the indie comic "Love and Rockets," including stories about his character Luba, a Latina firecracker with some pretty extreme curves and her similarly well-endowed sisters Fritz and Petra...
Myspace Comic Books Closes Down
Myspace just announced that it will be cutting its staff by 30%, calling its current workforce "bloated" and laying off over 400 employees. But what does this mean for comic book fans, you ask selfishly? Well, according to our sources, it means that Myspace Comic Books, a site on t…

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