Adam WarRock’s ComicsAlliance Rap-Up: February 12 – March 3
Hey, it's Adam WarRock! Former co-host/producer of War Rocket Ajax! Comic Book Rapper dude! All up in yo grill. Rappers say that, right?
So I'm a week late with this Rap-Up, and I apologize for that. I was on tour. I was in places like Utah and Montana, where they have these things cal…
The War Rocket Ajax 100th Episode Podcast Spectacular

With 71 updates before we landed here at ComicsAlliance plus our corporate-sponsored installments, this week marks The 100th Episode of the War Rocket Ajax Podcast! To mark the occasion, hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson are joined by original co-host Eugene Ahn (AKA Adam Warrock), fan-favorite guest…

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