Hot Ink: Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires
Enjoy our rundown of the most notable books coming out in comic shops today.
CURIOSITY PIQUED BY "Batman & Robin #1." Grant Morrison returns to Batman, bringing with him a new caped crusader, Dick Grayson, and a new boy wonder, Damian Wayne. Re
The Wackiest Batman and Robin Products
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With the new "Batman and Robin" series coming out today, we review the wackiest moments of Bruce Wayne that have been turned into plastic...
Batman and Robin — Partners, Friends, Lovers
"The Dark Knight" is sure to be amazing and all, but there's one nagging issue surrounding the film: Where's Robin?
For some reason, the Boy Wonder has been banished from director Christopher Nolan's Gotham. We suspect the filmmaker's worry is that the inclusion…