ComicsAlliance’s Top 10 Best Comics of 2010: #5 – #4

ComicsAlliance's Best of 2010 list continues!
5. Phonogram: The Singles Club by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
Production delays, a printing error, and that pesky need to make a living nudged this seven-issue series into this year, when we were finally able to see the completion and c…
Darwyn Cooke’s Dangerously Good Looking Ladies [Gallery]
When Darwyn Cooke draws women, he may not always use the same sensibilities as the J. Scott Campbells or Todd McFarlanes of the world, but his secret art powers lie in his vintage charm. The "The New Frontier" creator has years of convention sketches floating around in the wild, and if you…
DC to Resurrect a Bevy of War Titles This September
DC's headed (back) to battlefield conflicts this September with the reintroduction of several classic war titles in the form of one-shots helmed by fan-favorite creators. Among the battle-imbued books will be "Weird War Tales" by Ivan Brandon and Darwyn Cooke, "Our Fi…
ComicsAlliance’s Best Comics of 2009: #4-2
ComicsAlliance's Best of 2009 list continues!
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#4 Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (Oni Press), Bryan Lee O'Malley

When we last saw our frequently hapless sort-of hero, Scott Pilgrim, he had shockingly started to get it together, just like the title of the la…

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