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Graham Annable’s ‘Foggy Memories of LOST’ in Comics
Even though viewers have had a few episodes to get back into "Lost," the show's massive cast, multiple timelines and ongoing mysteriousness over the years has resulted in no shortage of curiosity-bordering-on-confusion. That's why comic creator Grahame Annable's insights into the series pr…
Preview of ‘Love Note’ by Graham Annable — Exclusive
Fans of Graham Annable know the creator doesn't do well with boring. From his "Hickee" collections to his "Grickle" stories,
the creator's characters have a wonderful restlessness that makes even the simplest tales explosive.
in anticipation for the creator's hardcover collection…
Inanimate Cartoons at SPX
Douglas Wolk, of Reading Comics fame, moderated an informative panel exploring the relationship between animation and comics this evening at SPX. Joining Wolk on the panel were Kim Deitch, Jeff Smith, Tom Neely and Roger Langridge.
All of the panelists except Langridge have had (or continue to have) …