20 Things About ‘Iron Man 2′ [Review]
The following are 20 observations, impressions, and thoughts inspired by the motion picture IRON MAN 2, labeled thematically and arranged to form like Voltron into a whole piece, what might be called a "review".
This review is dedicated to Steve Martin and Fred Schepsi.
Iron Man Arc Reactor T-Shirt; Gabriel Ba’s Iron Man Art
The premiere of "Iron Man 2" draws nigh for those of us who didn't get special advance screenings (tear), and while reviews have been mixed, we're still hoping for the best. While there's no way to protect your heart from the shrapnel of possible disappointment, you can at least pretend th…
Eight ‘Iron Man 2′ Easter Eggs Everybody Else Missed
The release of "Iron Man 2" is just a couple of days away, and like everyone else, I'm pretty excited for it. Not just because the first movie was great -- which it was -- but because director Jon Favreau really seems to be making the effort to set his movie in a cohesive, big…

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