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Best Art Ever (This Week) – Superman 75th Anniversary Edition
We make a regular practice at ComicsAlliance of spotlighting particular artists or specific bodies of work, but because cartoonists, illustrators and their fans share countless numbers of great images on sites like Flickr, Tumblr, DeviantArt and seemingly infinite art blogs that we've created B…
Parting Shot: ‘The Hunger Games’ Pinup by Mike Maihack
One of the most devoted fans of The Hunger Games, cartoonist Mike Maihack signals the start of what's likely to be a big box office weekend for the new film based on the novels by Suzanne Collins. This handsome tribute to The Hunger Games is typical of the great cartoonist's work, which can be seen …
Happy Halloween from Mike Maihack [Art]

Mike Maihack is the cartoonist behind the webcomic Cleopatra in Space, and is a fixture of ComicsAlliance's Best Art Ever (This Week) series. His work can also be seen in Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo and Jim Henson's The Storyteller.

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