Post-It Note Monsters: The Best Use of Office Supplies Ever
On the header on his website, Danish artist John Kenn describes himself thusly: "I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when I have time I draw monsterdrawings on Post-It notes."
That's not all that out of the ordinary; at my old job we were constantly doodli…
Link Ink — Vice Guide to Comics, Monster Scale Tee
-- How do people expect us to believe in their movie monsters if they're not in scale? This t-shirt from, creates the ultimate terrifying lineup by size of monsters from Chucky to Godzilla.
-- While we're on the topic of frightening fashion, check out these official "Cal…
‘Captain Disillusion’ Debunks Paranormal Hoaxes
Is someone on the internet trying to convince you that they have a real video of aliens, ghosts, or monsters? Pro tip: They are lying.
It's ok, though, because Captain Disillusion is coming to the rescue! The logic-based superhero uses Youtube to debunk claims of paranormal activity via the sup…