Custom Munny Heroes Explode Out of Germany
It takes one level of fandom to customize a Munny to look like your favorite comic book hero. Making a Munny embody the spirit of your favorite comic to the point where it actually looks like it's bursting apart at the seams from the paper-and-ink energy inside requires the skills of one German…
Read Comics On Your Action Figures With The Comic Stripped Series!
Comic book characters and action figures go together like peanut butter and jelly, or some other similarly delicious combination. But as comic fans the world over continue to obsess about the medium's transition from print to digital thanks to initiatives from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and other publ…
Kansas’ Elite Comics Kicks Off Munny for Hero Fundraiser
Press Release
Munny, the Kid Robot produced vinyl toy, is now a fundraiser for The Hero Initiative, thanks to our friends at Kansas' Elite Comics and our Regional Advisory Board member Cullen Stapleton!
Starting on August 8th, we are challenging you to show us your stuff