New York Comic-Con

The Greatest Cosplay of New York Comic Con [Photos]

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That cosplaying is a matter of course for comics and sci-fi/fantasy conventions is irritating to som…
New York Comic-Con 2010: The Complete Announcements
Missed New York Comic-Con? ComicsAlliance was there to catch all the biggest news, and we'll have lots more to come this week about the most important comics, creators, and announcements from the weekend in New York. In the meantime, check out our complete list of announcements and coverage so …
DC Digital: More Day & Date Comics, Android App to Come [NYCC]
Led by new Senior Vice President of Digital Comics, Hank Kanalz, DC Comics' final panel of New York Comic Con 2010 spotlighted the publisher's various initiatives in the emerging digital comics market, including an upcoming DC Android application and some teases about more simultaneous dig…

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