The Worst Sex Scene in Comics
Jamie Delano's "Rawbone" -- a recent four-issue series from Avatar that, from what we can tell, is entirely about pirates raping each other until they die -- is not very good. In fact, it's been referred to as "frankly, f---ing disgusting and completely insane,&a…
Transformers + Pirates = Piratron
Thanks to the folks at Piratron, we now have a mashup of two of our favorite things: Giant transforming robots, and pirates.
They're 20 bucks each, but if money is no object, I humbly suggest that you order enough for two teams, get all your friends to gear up with red and purple bandanas, and …
Link Ink — Perverted Pirate Books, Human Tetris
-- Because we know here at ComicsAlliance that you have a sick, nerdy mind, here's an article from ChicagoNow that explores five pirate books for the perverted reader.
--Human Tetris in Japan IS as cool as it sounds.
-- Cinefools talks to Brent Strickland about Wonder Woman for WB and that *g…