Holiday Gift Guide: The Batman Snuggie Now Has A Cowl

The Batman Hooded Cozy
Available From: Amazon
Price: $31.99
If you followed along with last year's gift guide, you may recall my endorsement of the Batman Blanket-With-Sleeves, a product that I actually own (because of course I do). Apparently, the intervening year has seen a comfy arms race with the F…
Naruto Snuggies Help Make Leisure Time More Like Cosplay
I'm a little confused by Snuggie™, the Blanket With Sleeves. If it's a tailored piece of fabric with sleeves and you're wearing it, doesn't it stop being a blanket and just become... clothes? Isn't that basically what a robe is? Since I've got a fleece jacket on right now, I guess you could also say…