The Direct Market Death of ‘Young Liars’
In midtown Kansas City, there are two comics shops situated across the street from one another, like a squat pair of gunfighters in perpetual staredown. The one on the left is younger, a hipster establishment with a healthy shelf of independent comics and street cred...
Sweet Teeth: Vertigo’s Latest ‘Sweet Tooth’ Preview
Jeff Lemire's ("Essex County") upcoming "Sweet Tooth" monthly at Vertigo seems to have a simple premise:
"A little boy with Antlers. A big man with guns. A world without hope."
However, anyone who's read Lemire's work understands that it takes more than a few teaser phras…
A Fitting End to ‘Y’?
As is the case with pretty much every comic I read, I was a latecomer to Y: The Last Man--gimme a break, I only started reading comics a few years ago. But I was immediately stricken with Brian K. Vaughan's extremely clever dialogue laced with some of the best and dorkiest pop culture references I'v…

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