Hot Ink — Wednesday Comics, Green Lantern, President Evil
READ ALL ABOUT IT RIGHT HERE - Wednesday Comics #1
For those of you unfamiliar with newsprint, it was an analog medium of information distribution. Imagine, if you will, that instead of bringing up the New York Times or the Boston Globe on your laptop's web browser, or your Kindle, or your iPhone, …
DC Art Director Mark Chiarello Explains ‘Wednesday Comics’
"Wednesday Comics" has arrived. Literally, the ambitious experiment in bringing DC superheroes like Batman and Superman to a Sunday-sized comics page is hitting shelves in comic book stores as we speak, and anticipation is running high.
Not only does the project boast top tier talent like N…
DC Brings Superheroes to the ‘Wednesday Comics’ Page
"Wednesday Comics" is set to debut this week, and if the smattering of preview images (see below) is any indication, it has the potential to be very, very good.
Superman by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo

Printed at an eye-catching 14" x 20" on a weekly basis, "Wednesday Comics&…
Paul Pope’s ‘Adam Strange’ Wednesday Comics
Ever since DC announced its ambitious Wednesday Comics project --a 16-page, weekly newspaper-style collection a la the Sunday comics section -- we've been watching for updates and previews, and we have not been disappointed.
Now, artist Paul Pope has linked to a page of his upcoming Adam Strange Wedn…