The principal of a Taiwanese high school drew enormous applause and deafening cheers from his graduating seniors as he took to the stage in a remarkably good Iron Man costume. While awesome enough on its own, the educator had a point to make about the Marvel Comics hero and what the students could learn from his example. You can watch the speech, which he delivered in both English and Chinese, in the video below.

The educator whose name Google suggests is Wang was preceded by big-screen footage of the memorable opening to Iron Man 2, in which Tony Stark jumped out of a plane and flew through the sky as fireworks exploded around him. Wang made a similarly grand entrance, with his eyes, chest and hands glowing in the dark. The video's description on YouTube, which Google translated from Chinese, indicates that Wang's students built the costume themselves (you can see one kid operating some of the effects and dashing off stage before the lights go up).

Principal Wang spoke to the students of Ming Dao high school in both Chinese and English, telling them "two secrets." The first was that their principal was Iron Man. The second was, "If you discover, believe and go beyond yourself, you are also Iron Man."


[Via Blastr]