Superheroes are so complicated today, what with all of the tangled origins, expansive events and rebooting universes. Amid the chaos and confusion, sometimes it's nice to see an artist who can make everything look simple, and Teddy Hahn is one of those guys. Unlike some of the bathroom door-appropriate minimalism that we've looked at before, Teddy's Aquaman and Green Lantern look like they should be posted on roadside warning signs.In fact, Hahn has edited together a few photos on that show exactly where you might benefit from warnings about potential Wolverine/Hulk clashes or The Flash crossing the street.

Just think of all the headaches that one of these signs could have saved the American citizens in the Thor movie, for instance. In a world with metahumans, Hahn would probably have a government contract cranking these out. But until that day comes, we can all appreciate them without any acts of wanton violence or destruction attached.